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Services for Hardwood Floors

At Mark's Floor Sanding & Refinishing, we use only the highest quality solid wood flooring for all of our installations, from red and white oak to maple, pine, and all exotic woods. In addition, we specialize in stain work for light to very dark colors. We use the highest quality urethane known to the state.

Wood Refinishing Services

Hardwood flooring is a valuable addition to a home, adding warmth to any room. Mark's Floor Sanding & Refinishing provides a full suite of refinishing products and services for any home. Our skilled professionals are knowledgeable about different types of hardwood flooring finishes and stains. We are experienced in all aspects of wood floor refinishing and resurfacing.

Before your floor can be returned to its original beauty, our flooring team will sand down the old finish until we reach the natural wood. This will remove any scarring or other wear and tear that has happened to the top surface of the wood floor. We'll give you recommendations for a variety of color options and finishes to match the wood species you already have. Once a decision is made, we'll apply several layers of stain and finish to create a healthy and natural looking top coat that will protect the underlying hardwood for years to go. All of this is part of our commitment to excellent refinishing quality.

Wood Installation & Repairs

For homeowners interested in hardwood floor installation, Mark's Floor Sanding & Refinishing provides exemplary service in all areas of hardwood selection, refinishing, coating and restoration. We'll provide color samples of the varying wood species available to homeowners. We also offer repair services for shotblasting and water damage restoration. We're experts in trim and border installation, and we'll ensure your new wood floor has a clean finished look.

Mark's Floor Sanding & Refinishing is licensed and insured, with years of experience in the flooring industry. We work diligently to provide high quality installation services that meet the needs of the customer, including when emergency repairs are needed

Wood Floor Milling Companies

Wood floor | Mark's Floor Sanding & Refinishing | Manahawkin, NJ

We work with the following companies:

  • Virginia Hardwood Floors™
  • Mullican Flooring™
  • Stuart Floor Co.™
  • Springcreek Flooring™
  • Aacer Flooring™
  • Ten Oaks™
  • Smith Flooring™
  • Bruce™
  • Mercier Wood Flooring™
  • Old Phili™

Abrasives We Use:

  • Virginia Abrasives™
  • Norton™
  • 3M®

Machines & Tools We Use:

  • Clarke American Sanders™
  • Porter-Cable™
  • Paslode™
  • DeWalt™
  • DeWalt™
  • Bostitch™
  • Hitachi™

Stains & Urethanes We Use:

  • Minwax™
  • absco Grand Emulsion UrethaneOil-n-H2O Made by Last-N-Last™
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